Due Dates For The Payment Of Advance Tax By Companies

Due Date Schedule for “Companies”

Due Date of Installments on or before

Amount Payable


1. 15TH June Not less than 15% of such Advance Tax
2. 15th September Not less than 45% of Such Advance tax Less: Advance tax paid in the First Installment prior to this installment
3. 15th December Not less than 75% of Such Advance tax Less: Advance tax paid (if any) in the First & Second Installment(s) prior to this installment.
4. 15th March 100% of Such Advance Tax Less: Advance Tax (if any) in the I, II & III Installment(s) prior to this Installment

Source: TheTaxInfo.com


1. Advance Tax Mentioned above includes TDS deducted by the other party against payment made to you.

2. (Download your Advance Tax Challan here).

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