How to File Income Tax Return online

You Can File your Income Tax Return Online, Yes in this article we are going to show you how to file your Income Tax Return (assesses who don’t have Digital Signature) without any fuss, Follow our Step by Step  Demonstration on How to file your Income Tax Return online:

First of all you, need to have your PAN Card Registered with Income Tax Department, so we will explain the procedure to Register your PAN Card First then we shall continue with explaining you on How to file your Return Online

Step 1/9:

You need to go to the official website on Income Tax Department here is the link

Warning: Make Sure the above website’s url you are accessing should start with “HTTPS” and not “HTTP” Because the HTTPS is a Secured layer and communication with the IT website cannot be Spyed by a third party. Whereas there are chances that if you access HTTP version, your Communication with IT is under threat of Eavesdroppers and Hackers (Spy)

Step 2/9:

You will see the following Page:

 Now you need to click on Register (Outlined In Blue colour as shown above in the Demo Pic)


Step 3/9:

When you click on Register, You will see the Following Page:


  • Now Enter your PAN Number within the Box (As Highlighted with Blue Box above in the Demo Photo)
  • Click on “Click Me” Section


Step 4/9:

When you click on Click me section as said above you will be forwarded to the Following Page:

Enter your Details in the Respective Boxes Allocated, But Before filling keep the following things in mind so as to avoid any fuss later:

  • You Should Enter the Details in the above boxes as it is in your PAN Card.
  • Provide your Working Email address because all the future communication regarding Filing of Online Income Tax Returns, IT Department will communicate with you through this EMAIL address alone.
  • Leave the Digital Certificate Section at the bottom Unchecked
  • All the * Marked Fields are Mandatory


After Filling all the details in the allocated fields, Click on Register Button at the Bottom. You will be taken to following page:

Step 5/9:

You will receive a confirmation mail from with subject labeled “Confirmation mail from DIT for profile creation”

Follow the link provided in the mail, You are now Successfully registered with IT department,

Now you can Login into your account,  your login details would be your PAN Number will be your User name and Password as you entered at the time of Registering.


Step 6/9:

Now Download IT Return in Excel format

A Y 2012-2013 Returns

1  ITR-1
ITR 1 Sahaj – Excel Utility(Version 1.0) New Release MS Excel
2  ITR-2 ITR-2 Excel Utility(Version 1.0) New Release MS Excel
3  ITR-3 ITR – 3 Excel Utility(Version 1.0) New Release MS Excel
4  ITR-4 ITR – 4 Excel Utility(Version 1.0) New Release MS Excel
5  ITR-4S
ITR 4s Excel Utility(Version 1.0) New Release MS Excel


  • To be able to fill up the above ITRs in excel sheet, you need to enable the macro option, using instruction given in help.txt file downloaded alongwith the ITR excel sheet.

Instructions showing how to enable macros in MS Excel:

In General MS excel automatically asks you whether to enable or disable macro as soon as you open macro enabled sheets, when prompted, click on enable otherwise follow these instructions for enabling macros:

  • [Microsoft Office Excel 2003]

Navigate through the following excel menu option to reduce the level of security in executing macros :

Tools –> Macros –> Security –> Low


Tools –> Macros –> Security –> Medium

Save the excel-utility and re-open it.


  • [Microsoft Office Excel 2007]

Navigate through the following excel menu options to reduce the level of security in executing macros :

Excel Options –> Trust Centre –> Trust Centre Settings –> Macro Settings –> Enable all macros


Excel Options –> Trust Centre –> Trust Centre Settings –> ActiveX Settings –> Enable all controls without restriction and without prompting

Save the excel-utility and re-open it.


  • [Microsoft Office Excel 2010]

When you open the EXCEL-UTILITY, the yellow Message Bar appears with a shield icon and the Enable Content button.

Click on the Enable Content to enable the macros.


Step 7/9:


  • After filling up the excel sheets you need to validate the sheets and then create an XML format of the same, which can be done by just clicking on create XML appearing on the top right of every sheet and you need to save it.


Step 8/9:


  • Then login to your account in and you need to Click on “Submit Return –> Select Asst. Year and upload the XML format file you created in the previous step
  • Subsequently upon successful upload, IT department will provide you with ITR V (V stands for Verification) both directly as well as to your registered email id

Step 9/9:

You need to post ITR V which you have received within 120 days from the day you uploaded your e-return by speed post or courier to the following address

Income Tax Department – CPC,

Post Bag – 1, Electronic City Post Office,

Bangalore – 560 100,



Have questions?  comment with your question in the below section.



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    i had filed my return online..using..quick efile it not enough if i dont have any other income…..or the excel download all is necessary..please guide

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    i could’t understant step 6/9. please clear it

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      Watch the video for more updated information, let us know if you still have any queries.

  • July 12, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    You can not courier ITR V, this is not allowed, only normal and speed post are allowed

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