Income Tax Deductions From Charity Contributions

When it comes time to do your taxes at the end of every year everyone is looking for as many deductions as they can possibly find.  There are many different ways to obtain an income tax deduction.  One of the most common types of deductions that people often take advantage of is donating property to different types of charities.  To do this you must first understand what a deduction is and how it works.


income taxWhere Can I Donate My Property


In order for your donation to meet the qualifications it takes to be a deductible the organization must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization.  This means that it should have an employer identification number and have applied to be qualified.  The organization should be able to tell you if they will qualify. 


How Much Will I Be Able To Deduct


The amount of the donation that is deductible will vary depending on the value of the property donated.  Usually you will be able to deduct the fair market value of the property.  However when deducting certain kinds of property there may be a limit to how much can be deducted.  There are many different types of property that can be used as a tax deduction.  A few of these are discussed below.


Contributions Of Personal Property


When discussing an income tax deduction for contributing personal property the amount of the deduction is based on how much the capital gain would be if the property were sold instead of being donated.  In the case of business items such as equipment or inventory the deduction may be limited to a certain amount. 


If you are donating household items in order for them to be considered as a deductible the items should be in good or perfect condition and should have more than a small value attached to them.  If the items being donated are worth more than five hundred dollars there should be an appraisal attached to the income tax return. 


Contributions Of Real Property


The contributions of real property to the qualifying organizations can usually be deducted from your income taxes.  But because there are so many different types of real property there are many different rules that will apply to this situation.

When dealing with interests in real property there are several different types of scenarios that are involved most of which consist of whom the ownership in the property belongs to.  There may be one person who owns the property or there may be several who have partial interest in the ownership.  Each of these types of interest may involve a different tax deduction rule.  It is probably a good idea to speak with a tax preparer when trying to decide which of the deductions will apply to your situation. 


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The quicker you preparer your taxes and the more deductions you have the faster and more money you will receive.  Be sure to prepare the taxes correctly so that you will not be audited somewhere down the road.  If you have questions speak with a professional.  They are more than happy to answer your questions.


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