How to Get Seasonal Tax Preparation Jobs

You do not need to be an accountant in order to benefit from working in taxes. Although there are full time positions, which typically do require some kind of finance degree, finding part time work or seasonal work in the tax industry can be an easy way to pick up some extra money, especially during the first quarter of the year. It can also lead to permanent positions in the finance and accounting fields. Once you get a seasonal job, you have more of a chance to turn it into a full time job, if that is what you desire. If you only need a seasonal job, then you can build a relationship with a company and return year after year.

Tax Preparation Courses

In order to become qualified to get a tax preparation job, you do need to have some training. Some companies will hire inexperienced people and train them onsite. However, to boost your chances, you will want to take the initiative and sign up for a course. There are several options. You can find training courses that are online or in person, and some are free while others will have a fee involved. Always ensure before signing up that the course you undertake meets your needs sufficiently. Even if you are experienced and have training, some companies will require you to pass a test to ensure that you can do the job.

Where to Find Jobs

Many companies hire part time and seasonal employees during tax season. There are many stores that offer tax preparation services that need to have enough employees to service their clientele. Additionally, if you need to work from home, many online companies offer advisers to help their customers who are using their online tax preparation software. The IRS also hires many temporary employees during the first half of the year to assist in tax, like Data Transcribers, Clerks, Tax Examiners, and Contract Representatives. You can search for these jobs yourself online, either through the specific company’s website or a job search engine, although you might get a better chance if you get your resume in recruiting tracking software. Many staffing agencies use this software to track potential hires that they send out on temporary assignments.

Other Jobs

You can also often find jobs in the finance and tax preparation industry that do not require experience or specialized training, like in data and administrative fields. Tax season creates significant extra workload for any company within the tax industry. You might be able to work as a data transcriber or other job that handles the input of the data. Companies with a storefront will also need receptionists and other administrative staff in order to schedule clients and ensure everything is well organized and on track. Even if you are not good with accounting and finances, you can still easily benefit from the seasonal surge of employment during tax season, and it may help you find a more permanent position once the season has ended.

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