Tips for Creating Own Billing Invoice for Freelancers


  1. Use the Best Invoice Software which will reduce half your pain. 
  2. Make your policies about the timing of service to be provided, payments, etc., so as to avoid future headaches from clients. Make sure that all the policies are clear and it is your duty to make the client know all the policies before taking up the service.
  3. Price your service at par with the market rate and never undercharge your service and be specific about your price in the policy.
  4. If there are separable services you are providing as a bulk service, we would recommend that you mention how much you are charging for what service which gives a clear picture for client why and what you are charging for.
  5. Mention about your accepted payments modes, there are many online fund transfer services,  we would recommend you:
    1. Paypal
    2. Payza
    3. Money bookers
    4. Payoneer
    5. Alertpay
  6. Include your contact details full and clear. Mention your full name, address, phone number, email id, etc.
  7. Don’t forget to number your invoice, if you already have a habit of numbering well and good but even if you don’t have the habit for the purpose of making the invoice look professional have it numbered.
  8. Maintain a record of the invoice, in soft and hard copy for future references.

Dilip Kumar

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