Q1) I have Lost my PAN or my PAN is not Legible, will i Get a New PAN card?
A) Yes, fill this form and follow the instruction for supportings mentioned in it and submit it to any of the NSDL Branches near to your Place.

Q2) My Date of Birth or My Address or My Name is incorrectly Printed on my PAN i want to make changes to it?
A) Yes, follow the same instructions mentioned for the above question.

Q3) I am a Salaried Employee and my Gross Total Income is less than Rs.1,60,000 should i File the Income Tax Return compulsorily?
A) No, it is not mandatory for assessee (this case you) to file IT return if his/her Gross Income is below 1,60,000 (1,90,000 in case of women / 2,40,000 in case of senior citizen) but it is at your option to File the Return or not to file.

Q4) My Gross Income is more than 1,60,000 but my Taxable Income after all deductions (under Chapter VI-A) is below 1,60,000 should i file the IT Return (questioned by male assessed)?
A) Yes, you must file IT return Mandatorily since your gross income is above Basic exemption limit, in your case it is 1,60,000 (1,90,000 in case of women / 2,40,000 in case of senior citizen) and you may show why your Income is not subjected to income tax by showing details of your Deductions.

Answers for the Follwoing Questions Coming Soon:

Q5) I have taken Housing Loan, will I have any benefit under Income Tax Act?

Q6) Is it Mandatory to take PAN Card?

Q7) Iam Paying Tuition Fee of my Children, will I have any benefit under Income Tax Act?

Q8) Should I Enclose any supportings with the IT Return?

Q9) When is New Direct Tax Code applicable from?

Q10) When am I liable to Pay Advance Tax (or)
Should I Pay Advance Tax?

Q11) Iam Paying Rent for my House, Can I show it as Deduction under Income Tax Act?

Q12) I Have Incurred Loss from My Sole Proprietorship Business should i Still File Income Tax Return, if yes will i have any Benefits?

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